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There is no doubt that climate change is responsible, at least in part, for the recent increase in flooding, and research by the Scottish Executive suggests the amount and intensity of rainfall is likely to increase. Severe flooding in the west of Scotland in the 1990s caused £100 million of damage, and this is a trend that is going to continue during the coming decades. The new service was praised by SEPA Chairman Ken Collins, who told the launch there is no room for complacency when it comes to flooding.

A total of seven staff work in shifts to update flood warnings on the telephone system and on the website, and also to answer queries and send out information packs. I think what is important about this helpline is that its success will be measured not just by the local marketing ideas number of calls by the public, but by how the public responds to the information provided. While diffuse pollution sources can, on their own, be relatively unimportant, collectively, such as on a catchment scale, they can be significant.

Diffuse pollution is caused by general pressure from land use, urban development, air pollution and contaminated land. It can also, however, be pollution from a large number of dispersed point sources, such as field drains and surface water drains in urban areas. Other reduced quality is due to diffuse and largely uncontrolled sources. With the agreement of the Scottish Executive, SEPA has now set demanding targets to reduce the lengths of polluted fresh, estuarine and coastal waters in Scotland.

Deterioration of water quality can be caused by point source pollution, that which comes from one, identifiable source, but enhanced treatment of point sources means only a small proportion of waters remain to be improved in this way. There is also a need to protect Scotland’s groundwaters, which occur in the subsoil or underground rocks, and to prevent eutrophication, a condition where too many nutrients can cause algal blooms and kill animal life.