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How to complete the property valuation process at Brisbane in a profitable manner?

It is a cross-cutting programmer, enabling support for a wide and diverse range of vulnerable groups. While the paper is generally being made available electronically, anyone requiring a printed copy should contact the response address, email or telephone number given above. In order to assist property valuers is ensuring that any final conclusions from this consultation are properly valuations proofed, it would be helpful if respondents could indicate either which local authority area their response relates to or if  they do not wish to identify this species, whether that is a district, county or unitary authority.

When responding to certified property valuers please make clear whether you represent any organization or group, and in what capacity you are responding. In the meantime, we expect authorities to understand and apply good Supporting People practice to other service streams. For property valuations provider who are more difficult to reach or who may be reluctant to interact with their local authority, some form of advocacy may be more appropriate.

It is important and challenging, that this applies equally in areas such as  Supporting home buyers and property valuations, where real estate valuation services are primarily intended for vulnerable and sometimes socially marginalized people. We expect authorities and providers to maintain and take forward the focus on users within the design and provision of services. And in doing so authorities should seek to draw on the knowledge of service providers, who will often have experience of seeking to work across different local functions.

Rather, this requires a coordinated approach to service provision, focussed on meeting the needs and respecting the wishes of the service user. Within this, there seem to be particular issues around corporate buy-in and local ownership. In extreme cases, Supporting People and its preventative role is not seen as a core authority function, but is rather regarded as one which is separate and stand-alone.